Mixing and Filling is our passion

About Mixfill

Mixfill is a dynamic, solution-oriented, company and the continuation of the German division of Blendfill; an organisation in which, in recent years, product development, production and warehouse management have been carried out at a high level for B2B customers in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. As of 2023, Mixfill GmbH focuses on contract manufacturing, liquid and powder filling and further development of formulations for products. It operates from Goch (Nordrhein-Westfalen) with an enthusiastic, young and diverse team.

Make or buy?

Need to focus on your core business? We will make it possible! Mixfill offers specialised solutions for companies that want to outsource their production processes, temporarily or structurally. From mixing and filling to packing, re-packing, stock management and logistics. The customer group includes well-known names and brands from the fertiliser and chemical industries in Europe.


We search for new human and environmental friendly solutions every day. Developing products often requires expertise and experience. Both are present within Mixfill, so we can contribute to your ideas and advise you if required. Needless to say, specific customer data is in secure hands at Mixfill.

An in-house laboratory provides supports opportunities Mixfill offers its customers.

Mixing and packaging of liquids and powders

The blending of the formulas takes place in several mixers, allowing batch sizes ranging from several hundred litres to supplying complete tankers. Mixfill purchases the raw materials and packaging required for its production processes from established suppliers, based on customer specifications. If required, the customer can supply its own raw materials and packaging.

Several filling stations ensure the correct packing of your products.

Warehouse management

The storage of raw materials and final products takes place under local regulations. Safety requirements, working conditions and environmental regulations are strictly adhered to. The basis for this is provided by our quality management system.